XInclude.NET 1.0

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Today is the day, I'm glad to announce XInclude.NET 1.0 release. Download it here. For those who have no idea what XInclude.NET is:
XInclude.NET is free open-source implementation of XInclude 1.0 Candidate Recommendation and XPointer Framework Recommendation written in C# for .NET platform. XInclude.NET supports XPointer element() Scheme, XPointer xmlns() Scheme, XPointer xpath1() Scheme and XPointer xpointer() Scheme (XPath subset only).

Changes since 1.0beta release:

  • Support for XPointer xpointer() schema (XPath subset only)
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements
No big deal, but it took me the whole yesterday to fix reported bugs, optimize a bit and prepare the release. Hope you'll like it.

Now, the article about this plumbing is the agenda.

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