Crowdsourcing in action: results

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I was writing about a pilot the Library of Congress was doing with Flickr. I measured also number of tags, notes and comments and repeated the process several times during last 2 months. Here are some numeric results:

Library of Conress pilot on Flickr

As expected, while tags, notes and comments still coming, in general the lines are almost flat after 50 days.

Averages: 4.85 unique tags,  0.39 notes, 1.34 comments per photo.

The Library of Congress blog shared some real results:

And because we government-types love to talk about results, there are some tangible outcomes of the Flickr pilot to report: As of this writing, 68 of our bibliographic records have been modified thanks to this project and all of those awesome Flickr members.

Well, that doesn't impress much, but they must be happy as they have posted 50 more photos.

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