Hacking IronRuby

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IronRuby is coming! Expected to be released this year Microsoft's IronRuby is quite a unique project. Fully open sourced, OSI-approved/GPL-inspired  license, hosted at Rubyforge, accepting external contributions. Yes, Microsoft's IronRuby. Cool.

Anyway, I decided why don't I build IronRuby version of the famous "Try Ruby in your browser" by _why? So anybody with 15 free minutes at hands could play with IronRuby. That sounds like cool way to learn IronRuby internals.

IronRuby includes ir.exe - nice interactive IronRuby shell. Thanks to open sources I managed to hack up simple AJAXish Web version in just one night. ASP.NET 3.5 application hosting IronRuby runtime + simple Web console emulating ir.exe.

It's hosted at http://www.ironruby.info/ir, currently at version "0.first.hack". Go play with it, but please don't crash it often. Here is a screenshot for those lazy ones:

Hosting a programming language shell on Web poses additional interesting problems. Ruby is a powerful language and IronRuby additionally provides access to the whole .NET framework. Letting anybody writing and executing any programs on my shared hosting??? Well, I managed to make it running under Minimal Trust level, which means execute permissions only. No file system, no network or Web access, nothing. That should be safe enough, but please don't hack me. Learn IronRuby instead!

Go Try IronRuby in your browser.

Any comments are welcome!

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This is just crying for comet (full duplex http). It would be really awesome if you could use that instead.

Life Liberty Property:

Sorry, probably I wasn't clear in the fine print. I changed the text.
Let me clarify though.

1. "Try IronRuby" is my personal site and Microsoft has nothing to do with it (except that provided free IronRuby implementation).

2. I decided to record what people type on this console because I was concerned about security. It's actually very easy to crash "Try IronRuby".

3. http://tryruby.hobix.com does record what you type for the same reasoning: http://redhanded.hobix.com/inspect/205000LinesOfRubyCodeDonatedInTheTryRubyDrive.html

While the Try IronRuby piece was cool/fast, the fine print underneath concerns me.

It shows signs that Microsoft doesn't get it, their shills don't get it, M$ and cronies refuse to change, they think they own everything, and they are no more open than before:
"Your Ruby code might be recorded for research purposes"

Do I have to study in detail the MSPL, too, to make sure they don't own everything I write?

Man, my trust surely wasn't earned today.

You mean that somebody is already trying to take code that isn't theirs? Get a life.

What's interesting is that http://tryruby.hobix.com/ doesn't pull this stunt. Of course, _why doesn't need my code.

Hi Oleg

I need urgent help with XML. Please please please contact me in my email and see if you can answer me.




Minor nit - we're releasing IronRuby under the Microsoft Public License (MsPL) not GPL :)

Awesome work!

While IronRuby *is* released under an OSI-approved open source license, it's most certainly *not* the GPL.

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