"Dynamic Languages Strike Back" talk by Steve Yegge

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Very cool talk by Steve Yegge, available in video or transcribed form. I particularly enjoyed tooling part:

Moving right back along to our simple dynamic languages, the lesson is: it's not actually harder to build these tools [for dynamic languages]. It's different. And nobody's done the work yet, although people are starting to. And actually IntelliJ is a company with this IDEA [IDE], and they... my friends show off the JavaScript tool, you know, and it's like, man! They should do one for Python, and they should do one for every single dynamic language out there, because they kick butt at it. I'm sure they did all this stuff and more than I'm talking about here.

I'd add couple more modern IDE tools supporting dynamic languages: NetBeans (Javascript/Ruby) and Visual Studio 2008(Javascript, IronPython via IronPython Studio). But Steve is completely right - this is just the beginning.

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