IronXSLT v0.3 released

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Here is a small quick release. IronXSLT v0.3.

New in this version:

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I've tried to install ironxslt v0.3, however when trying to create a new XSLT Library project in Visual Studio, I get the following error:
Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.

Any ideas?

My Setup:
Visual Studio 2008 Team System (full install) with SP1

Best, Sebastian

Hi Oleg,

it seems that is no longer hosting all your useful XSLT tools. Is there a mirror or are you working on an update? It would be great if these would soon be available again.

Best regards,

Hi Oleg,

I just installed IronXSLT 0.3 with VS 2008 SP1 and it works great. I found it really useful. Unfortunately no downloads are working anymore in your blog. I was lucky to find it.
Can you reenable the downloads or publish the source somewhere?

Tobias is down

where can I get the source, or download for the EXCELLENT IronXSLT plugin?

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