Rotor 2.0

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This is old news, but I somehow missed it so I'll post for news-challenged like me. Microsoft has released "Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure 2.0" aka Rotor 2.0 - buildable source codes of the ECMA CLI and the ECMA C#. This is roughly .NET 2.0 sources with original comments. Priceless! It's released under "MICROSOFT SHARED SOURCE CLI, C#, AND JSCRIPT LICENSE".

New in this release:

  • Full support for Generics.
  • New C# 2.0 features like Anonymous Methods, Anonymous Delegates and Generics
  • BCL additions.
  • Lightweight Code Generation (LCG).
  • Stub-based dispatch. (What the hell is that?)
  • Numerous bug fixes.

There is always the Reflector, but Rotor is different - you build it, debug with it, learn and extend CLI. Now what do I want to play with? Editable XPathDocument or XSLT2DLL compiler or extendable XmlReader factory may be...

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>> It's a fun to hack with it to remove that "almost".

:D Hell yeah! I can't wait for a window of time to start playing with it :D

XslCompiledTransform sources are in Rotor 2.0 and "almost" does standalone DLL.
It's a fun to hack with it to remove that "almost".

> Stub-based dispatch.

I can't say I know what it is they are refering to, but it *sounds* like a way to publish your dll's in a way that lets folks look inside your application (for things like private methods, etc...) without giving them access to the actual code base (via reflector or reading the actual CIL.) It seems like this might be a way to publish obsfucated assemblies while still providing a way for folks to use reflector as an API viewing tool.

That's my guess, anyway...

> XSLT2DLL compiler

Thats in the ROTOR 2.0 code base?! SWEET!!!

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