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Now it's time to come back to my beloved XML plumbing - XInclude and XPointer. A bit of polish and tomorrow I'm going to release XInclude.NET 1.0. Changes since 1.0beta - XPointer xpointer() schema support (XPath subset only), bug fixes and minor performance improvements.

Along with that I've started an article about XInclude and XInclude.NET, what a good exercise for brains, much harder than regular programming. So more to come.

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XInclude.NET from Software Documentation Weblog on September 16, 2003 8:34 PM

Oleg Tkachenko, the creator of the .NET XSLT Command Line Utility announces on his blog the release of XInclude.NET version 1.0, which is a .NET-based XInclude engine, that can be used to reunite modular XML documents into a single document.... Read More

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