Compiled XSLT decompiler?

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I was reading Scott's post on Reflector Addins and had this idea... Now (well, not now but in the next .NET version - Orcas) that XSLT can be compiled into dll, it must be time to think about XSLT decompiler (and appropriate Reflector addin of course). I believe that must be feasible. Would it be useful for you?

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Thanks, Sergey. Well, I didn't mean decompiling back to original XSLT code, I meant decompiling to resulting code, after all optimizations done. It would be nice to see how XSLT looks compiled and optimized. I realize that might be unfeasible though.

Profiler - great idea! Let's build it.

You wish!
In compiled XSLT you have some sort of meta information all variables, templates, attribute sets have recognizable names. This was done for debugger support. But almost no side effects semantics of XSLT allows compiler to move code around and XslCompiledTransform does this very aggressively. I doubt decompilation is doable.

Let's better create a profiler. Orcas doesn't have it and everything that needed to be done in Framework is already there.

That would *ROCK*! Would be *great* for reading code without having to manually parse through the transformation files themselves.

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