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If you'd ask me what's the best of the Tim Bray's ongoing, I say it's photos. Of course rants are great too, but I like his photos even more than holy XML homilies. So I decided that my blog needs photos too. The ship below is rusting in port of Istambul, Turkey, where my wife and I spent a weekend couple of weeks ago.
Dead ship in Istambul port.
Thoughtlessly missing weather forecast we've been shocked by the rainy cold weather when the airplane landed. Come on, it's hard core middle-east summer still goes on in Israel! Fortunately it was mostly sunny enough for such delicate heat-loving plants like Israeli tourists.
We've been wandering three days throughout the old city, trembling in front of 1.5 millennial Hagia Sophia, ploughing the Bosporus (not on the ship above) etcetera. I've never seen so much and so big mosques and as well as so much women in paranjas. It's probably the only Islamic country I can travel with my Israeli passport. Funny enough, turks seems to be speaking Russian better than English, so second day I switched to Russian to stop making them gesticulating.

In another news - in less than an hour somebody is going to snap domain name. It wasn't renewed by a previous owner and will be dropped by Network Solutions at 2:00PM EST today. Nice one, but looks like I won't win it, as too many people want it.

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