Total loss

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I've been in a car accident a week ago. First time ever. The car is totaled, but I'm totally fine, just a couple of scratches. Happily I was alone and was driving slowly enough.

That's been interesting experience though, but not that I wish to anybody to have. Kind of "driving the very right lane, nobody ahead of me, life is perfect, music is great, BOOM!, totally new reality". As it turned out there was another car accident on the left line just a second before and one car bounced off to my line literally a meter before me. What's amazing is that no matter how hard I try I can't recall a moment when there is another car before mine. All I remember is empty line and then airbag. How come? Is it eyes or brains limitation or was I just looking somewhere else at the moment? Or may be my brain doesn't want me to remember such shocking moments? That's sort of disappointing, like been in a car accident, but haven't seen anything.

Anyway, again, I'm totally ok.

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You could have gotten a concussion from hitting the airbag, your memory of the event may come back after a few days. At least, that's been my experience. ;-) Take care.

I guess it is recorded however it has something like goto label "before" pointing to "after".
Anyway good to know you are ok :)

There is no your fault in the accident, but anyway - drive safe!
Like to read your blog, especially the tech-related posts...

/ just an anonymous 'best wishes'-like post from fellow russian programmer :) /

Sorry to hear about the car, but glad you're ok :)

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