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I still own xsl.info and xpath.info domain names and still have no time to build anything around there. If anybody have any ideas about any community driven projects - let me know, I'm willing to donate domain name and may be participate.

And if anybody want to buy these domain names - I'm willing to sell.

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Thanks for suggestions guys!

I'd suggest making these a wiki. A good model is the SVG wiki


Of course there is some centrally-organized goodness at http://svg.org, but I'd say for initial, worse-is-better use of your domains, start with a Wiki and see if capable editors step up to provide something more organized. Things that come to my mind are, for example, a community-managed Wiki version of Parson's excellent XSL FAQ.

Anyway, you could just install MoinMoin (or MedaiWiki), and hope the admin overhead is minimal enough (MoinMoin has decent anti-vandalism features). I'd be willing to host the wiki too, if you needed a host, but I expect it would be easy enough for you to manage.

Hey Oleg,

These might be useful as a way of accessing Atom feeds that list updates to the project I am just finishing up @ http://dev.xsltransformations.com/

Let me know what you think.

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