The daughter!

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Saturday, March 19 11:55AM the following transformation has occured:

<xsl:template match="family[@surname='Tkachenko' 
                     and husband/@fname='Oleg' and wife/@fname='Alenka']">
    <xsl:copy-of select="@* | husband | wife"/>
    <child sex="female" birth-date="2005-03-19"/>
For those who can't read XSLT, I translate to English: last Saturday at 11:55AM my dear wife gave birth to our lovely wonderful little daughter! They both feel well, already at home and I'm starting getting used to the "daddy" business.

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Congrats and all the best dude.

Congratulations, Oleg! :o)

Congratulations, Oleg! My best wishes!

Congratulations, Oleg! And all the best wishes for You and Your family.

Congratulations! =)

oleg.childNodes.AppendChild! Congrats.

Congratulations Oleg!

Congratulations, proud Papa! :)

Me, my wife, and Nicholas wish you guys good health, spirits, and wonderful times of learning and enjoying the miracle of life ahead!

Congrats! There is nothing like being a daddy.

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