RSS Bandit v1.3.0.26 is here

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Dare writes:

This is the final release of the version formerly codenamed "Wolverine". This is the most significant release to date and has a ton of cool features. Enjoy.
Get it here, this version rocks.

I made the Russian translation again, so all typos and lame Russian words are my fault. I hope it can make an experience of reading news with RSS Bandit even more exiting for those in Russian-speaking community who prefer localized GUI.

Btw, what about server-side feed aggregation? I need some sort of aggregation/filtration service (which would allow to aggregate feeds I choose into a single one and filter out a junk) for a site I'm developing and I was looking around and found not much available free tools. The first part is of course server-side feed aggregation - just like an aggregated feed at, Planet XMLHack or TopXML's Reblogger with some sort of administration of course. The different layer is Bloglines like Web-based news reader, which allows users to have own feed lists and stores the context (read/unread items etc). I think the first part could be done easily using RSS Bandit's core, wisely detached apart from the GUI. Am I crazy or there are such tools already or nobody's gonna need it or it's a good idea?

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I am working on this exact project of which I am beginning to need some beta testing for. I will ping you in a few days to let you know where you can download the beta from.

Cheers :)

Yes, too tempting... I wish I had some free time for this.

If I didn't have to work a day job to pay the bills, I'd love to get started on a server-side aggregator if there was demand for it.

As much as I like Windows Forms development, my experience is in Server Side development. Using good client side scripting, we could make a pretty rich user experience.

Hmm.... Tempting...

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