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That's all, folks. I'm on vacation from tomorrow for two weeks. We gonna fly to Prague, stay there for some days and then make a car trip across Europe. No laptop. I'll read my mail occasionally though (I'm afraid otherwise my mailbox will explode with all that spam and I miss an important mail I'm waiting for).

That was a tough week for me. Sorry if I didn't answer some mails and didn't do what I promised. I still hope to provide unit tests for my classes in Mvp.Xml lib this evening.

See ya in two weeks. The June plans are huge. One more (in addition to Dimitre's one) pure (reflection-hacks-free) solution for returning nodesets from XSLT extension function problem, using XInclude with configuration files, next relase of XInclude.NET (update for the latest spec, support for intra-document references via in-memory mode), thread-safety and perf improvements for EXSLT.NET, next nxslt.exe with embedded XSLT profiler and XPath/XSLT analyzer, next WordML2HTML stylesheets, better asp:xml control and unveiling my new pet project (which is different from what I did before - it's UI oriented, but of course XML related). Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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You are right, Dimitre, I forgot about that one :(

I should be saying "another reflecion-free solution", because it's really different one. I'll fix the post to reflect it.

Why? People keep complaining about reflection-based solution, I just wanted to show this is not the only one and there are cleaner ones.

Hi Oleg,

> Pure solution (reflection-free) for returning
> nodesets from XSLT extension function problem

I proposed this one year ago and implemented it in "EXSLT for MSXML4" and for EXSLT.Net

Then Dare chose your solution over the reflection-free one (probably as being more ".Net-like" :o) ).

So what is new and why was it necessary to quit the reflection-based solution?


Have a nice holidays man!
I look forward your next plans... they sound very interesting!

Happy trails to you :)

Have a good trip pal ;) Tell me the experience to be without the laptop for 2 weeks. :D

Sonu Kapoor