One more surprise from Longhorn team - OPath query language

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Just found new beast in the Longhorn SDK documentation - OPath language:

The OPath language is the query language used to query for objects using an ObjectSpace. The syntax of OPath also allows you to query for objects using standard object oriented syntax. OPath enables you to traverse object relationships in a query as you would with standard object oriented application code and includes several operators for complex value comparisons.

Orders[Freight > 5].Details.Quantity > 50 OPath expression should remind you something familiar. Object-oriented XPath cross-breeded with SQL? Hmm, xml-dev flamers would love it.

The approach seems to be exactly opposite to ObjectXPathNavigator's one - instead of representing object graphs in XPathNavigable form, brand new query language is invented to fit the data model. Actually that makes some sense, XPath as XML-oriented query language can't fit all. I wonder what Dare think about it. More studying is needed, but as for me (note I'm not DBMS-oriented guy though) it's too crude yet.

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Why should this be surprising?

I did develop and work with an OODBMS five years ago...

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