XInclude is Working Draft again

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The day started with bad news from W3C - XInclude 1.0 has been whithdrawn back to Working Draft maturity level. Actually Last Call WD, but anyway the step backward. The main reason is most likely primarily architectural one - seems like URI syntax with XPointers in fragment identifier part has been considered too revolutionary and now they broke it up to two separate attributes - href attribute contains URI or the resource to include and xpointer attribute - XPointer identifying the target portion of the resource. So instead of

<xi:include href="books.xml#bk101/>
another syntax should be used:
<xi:include href="books.xml" xpointer="bk101"/>

While it sounds good from "Make structure explicit through markup" perspective, it does smell bad with regard to URI syntax, which allows fragment identifiers for years.

Another new feature - now it's possible to control HTTP content negotiation via new accept, accept-charset and accept-language attributes. Well, again quite dubious stuff. And possible security hole as Elliotte pointed out.

Also XInclude namespace is now "", but old one should be supported somehow too.

Anyway I have to update XInclude.NET library now. No big changes fortunately, so I'm going to release it in a couple of days.

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