nxslt 1.3 released

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So, nxslt version 1.3 is at your service. New features include:
  • Support for XML Inclusions (XInclude) 1.0 Candidate Recommendation. Done by incorporating XInclude.NET library into nxslt. XML Inclusions are processed in both source XML and XSLT stylesheet, by default it's turned on and can be disabled using -xi option.
  • Improved EXSLT support. Now nxslt leverages EXSLT.NET implementation. That means more EXSLT extension functions supported with much better performance and compatibility.
  • Small advanced feature for EXSLT.NET developers - support for external EXSLT.NET assembly.
Download it here or here (GotDotNet). It's free of course. Thorough documentation is here.

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