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I've been some time offline travelling around Israel with my wife, Mom and mother-in-law. Now, coming back to my mail and RSS Bandito I feel like I missed a revolution in the industry. The crowd is talking about declarative programming on Windows, Elliotte Rusty Harold likes Microsoft XAML design, hmmmmmmmm what's going on?

By the way I'm reading Elliotte's new book, "Effective XML" (check out some chapters online) right now. Well, that's the most interesting XML book I've read last years, probably becuase Elliotte doesn't try to teach us XML, but sorts out well-known XML problems and pitfalls and explains best practices how to solve them to make using XML effective. Of course not all he's writing I'm agree with, but still interesting. In fact it's java-related book, so "Effective XML" addendum for .NET world is needed. I believe it could be great subject for an article.

In the related news, by Mark Fussell:

Ubiquity and deployment! What planet are you living on! Where does deployment fit with the DOM! The DOM is a dying API, superced by improved XML stores such as the JDOM and in .NET the XPathDocument, now that this is editable in the System.Xml "Whidbey" release.
Ahhha, a honey for my soul...

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