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Does anybody have any recommendations/advices for buyng a notebook? I want to get one, something like from Compaq Presario series, which I only have an experience with. May be this one? Compaq Presario 2570

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Yeah, that's really cool one. Something like I'm looking for. Thanks, Daniel.

I have a Compaq Armada I used for years. Now I have an HP Pavilion. I've seen and tasted for very brief moments the Compaq EVO series. My conclusions:
- HP pavilion is a bus, complete with lights and weight.
- Compaq remains the most appealing and compact business notebook, IMO
- EVO series, with dual pointing device (touchpad+pointstick) is the most versatile notebook I've seen. Don't buy that "carry everything in one pack". Having a multibay where you switch FDD/DVD+CD-RW is WAY superior, reduces notebook size and weight and... who the hell uses floppy disks these days???
Have a look at one version of EVO: http://www.smb.compaq.com/ctoBases.asp?oi=E9CED&BEID=19701&SBLID=&ProductLineId=430&FamilyId=1214&LowBaseId=7774&LowPrice=$1,359.00
It's REALLY cool!

IBM Thinkpads are work horses. You may want to look at them too.

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