Life in a simulation

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Have rummaged in all the morning.
Are You Living In a Computer Simulation? by Nick Bostrom
How to Live in a Simulation by Robin Hanson
Living in a Simulated Universe by John D. Barrow

to name a few. Well, now the simulated programmer goes back to a simulating programming :)

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It would explain all the bugs...

Yes, of course it's all a simulation. What does that understanding tell us? Simply put, why? I believe that this universe is nothing more than a teaching mechanism. Ergo, reincarnation is inevitable. One wonders how many of these dreams one can endure, and exactly what happens when one decides to opt out of the game. Food for thought.

ok i totally understand what you are saying only thing is that I don't have all of the big words that you all use my simulation goes back to my mother and her mother the drinking the men the prostitution the children and the love only thing with me is that thinking i ws liing a normal life and the people that I believe who loved me where telling me that it was ok to live the life Iwas living and I thought I was doing it all in the name of my children during the life span I ruined my children my life and i feel like the only thing that is real in my life are my children never having much skills but always a bright gal I know have 18mo clean and a new beginning.i look at myself in the mirror on a daily and wonder how old am I really?And will I ever find true love no never only with in my children as for God i dont wanna say anything bad about it but its the only way I can explain life to my children and how we can try to just live by it.we can't do anything about it but continue to live on make it work .And that is my story.

Hi I certainly believe that we are living inside a simulation. The way I put it is that I tell someone, " Imagine this place actually in the middle of nowhere, continually doing the same thing over and over. It was not created, it is there to BE there, with no beginning, there is no end, it has been continuing the process of "life" for infiniti. I don't believe there is an advanced civilization out there having shits and giggles controlling us. Sometimes I get this really weird feeling that I know something no one else knows, but then it goes away. I realize something SO important then it's like the simulation doesn't want to get spoiled so it shuts my fucking mind out. Its not like I'm a bad person because I don't believe in God its just that I like to believe what my mind tells me to believe, because you only learn things if you find them out for yourself. I shut out God and actually thought logically. Who created God? That usually gets god-worshipers gone in their mind. Their usual response, is that he's been there, always. Very similar to my theory. IF god exists, they why doesn't he reply to everyone when they pray to him, if he can do anything he wants, why not that? How come we have came so far in technology that we have mapped out the WHOLE universe, but yet... THERE is NO heaven? What about hell? How come our technology in the medical feild has risen so much, yet the primitive strategies, but we still can't find a soul inside of a body? I mean what the fuck? If people would open up their mind and think for a second, they probably wouldn't believe in god. The only reason they do is because they were taught to believe in him from their parents, and those parent's parents, and so on so forth. I personally think the simulation made it so somebody made up a crock of shit bible in the certain point in time he/she did it so that most of the world believes in it instead of the actually reality of a simulation
therefore SPOILING the simulation. It would be pointless to have something that the inhabitants know they're in. The big question is out of all of it, is what happens when you die? I don't believe in any deletion of some sort, therefore the simulation would be pointless, your conscience, you, the you inside your body, all your data recieved in the lifetime, is deleted but not you. You then go on to be something else that has lived in any point in time. You go to random species and random points in time. But you don't realize that you're even doing any of this. Have you ever imagined what animals think? I think they don't think, they're just controlled and don't even realize that they're alive. The simulation itself controls what the (for example) cat thinks and does its whole lifetime so it effects the most important of all; beings that realize they're alive. For instance, humans, this world seems like reality for the most part, but the little nicks and scrapes in the simulation that scare the living shit of me when i think about it. I explained that earlier. I believe that your conscience goes on a certain sequence of organisms lifetimes to forfill every single lifeform that has ever lived on the planet and starting right back over again after it has succeeded in that. The conscience of you never realizes that. You have been you, infiniti times, you've been me infiniti times, you have been everything that has ever lived. I can go on, but this is just the jist of my theory, if you're interested, email me at

I know as fact I am in a simulation. Upon analysing love, I found logic to be binary, based on evelutionary process taking place in a quantum binary digital discrete world. The more I researched, the more the world around me changed. After about a year, I had had experience with people changing personalities, acting, playing games, laughing or angering as they made clear they knew something about this reality I didnt, or wanted me to think as such. Ive had entire internet chat rooms start talking to me, and I cannot even remember all the "coincidences" that would string through my life, like starting a sentence, then turning on the radio to demonstrate, sucessfully, my thoughts completion.

So, I am in a simulation, I know I am a computer program, that was a difficult transition due to the knowledge that free will doesnt exist, and were trapped in causality. The kicker? Fine tuning, this world interacts with us therefor I cannot localize causality events, and this assures a conclusion that this simulation is an educational or research project, due to the fact that problems are intentionally designed into it, and it has been demonstrated to me that these effects can be changed instantly, in fact any visual scene can be adjusted, and hallucinations appearing similar to TV screens have been observed.

The meaning of life? To exist. Any action taken that reduces the chance of existance is incorrect. Emotional posative is the biological link correcting the behavior. Love is the key, it is the gravity of the mind, not chemical, but logical in a way, undeniable yet undescribable or provable. Love is I believe a computer system control method, I suspect as a training tool so that we programs can evaluate a command and logically validate if it is a respectable command worthy of carrying out, or if it is a hack to ignore. Something as controling and powerfuly unknown as love makes a great tool for this, and the lesson learned from this is extremely important.

Living in a simulation I know is mearly a classroom, I have given up on garing at all about lifes problems, as they are mearly artificial enviornmental variables, and have concentrated my focus on my relationship with my wife, who can take on the personality of a snickering evil pixie at times. I love her, and my love for her led to my understanding of the Universe, so it is safe to assume that this simulation for me entales ensuring the relationship is not ended, even though the system has thrown the works at me, my wife is illogical, emotional, and a basket case at time, and love plays her like a ping pong ball. My personal life is different now, I address her as the program I am, because I know the system can basically be her at any time, all times as far as I know. My dealing with the outside world are kept normal, failure to "act" normal is punished in this simulation, I have been hospitalized several times for stating my beliefs, but alas I was also given free medical refunds and Social Security payments of large sums of money. This system is trict and cruel but seems to be fair, it will not allow negative concequences to continue if the participant, myself in my case, understand the rules and is attempting to meet the designed needs of the simulation.

I am confident there is outside observation, and that we are not in a lone system. Because the problems in this society are so rampant, it is concludable that this simulation is more likely a research project providing data to an external civilization, and that simulated life in this program are deleted upon simulated death. Living as we are neering our own VR worlds to be built, and seeing this world as personal as possible, this death seems trivial as my own VR simulated emursion can be seen as soon to come. My guess is if the sims here build an Omega Point system, they can stop the clock so to speak and who knows, maybe hang around longer, its irrelevant. I know I am a program, I have values and motives I must carry out, in a way I feel like a slave or prisoner, but actually it is not that bad, it gives a sense of purpose to an otherwise meaningless existance. There is a certain coolness factor to knowing the answers to everything and correcting everyone elses logic, even if they just argue and act iggnorant, because inside my mind, I know where I am, and they either do not, or are mearly visaul displays devoid of consiousness......but I give the benefit of the doubt, I believe all are consious individuals, but I can assure you myself and all others can be easily manipulated by the system, whenever you have a thought and ask yourself why but cannot validate, thats the system.

Anyway, I feel like im in an ethics class or something, curently I am fighting with my wife, who belives her values which deem others good/bad according to her selfish desires being met are correct. My values, opposite of hers of course (She called me Mr Right haha) do not allow me to force judgement and control on others. Since this system forces itself on everything including me, you can see that I am faced with basically calling out the Universe and needing to go forward with my values as supirior. Talk about a charachter building simulation, me vs everything, they really made this simple didnt

Well, if anyone is interested, although I doubt it, I may be the expert on how to live in a simulation, because I am actually doing it, and even if im not (my mind always uses the scientific method) the last two years have given me experience in the parameters and challenges a sim life would possibly face, and the possible reasons for circumstances we encounter daily.

Well, back to the simulation.....people always roll their eyes, but I retort with "Do you know what this place is? Do you know your reason for living? If you don't have the answers to anything then what makes you the expert?" These usual shut them up pretty fast. Oh yeah, I personally had to invalidate God and religion to get where I am, so there is the chance I will burn in hell, but faith in logic showed me that right and wrong are for us to decide, and that it is absurd to belive we are preprogrammed incorrectly and inserted into a situation just to create torment, there must always be good, to have a bad ending would be to start a process that terminates, and termination is non existance, an incorrect logical process. Life is so simple in binary, maybe one day this place will get around to adopting that philosophy, sure would solve a lot of headaches, I know I have no intention of solving anything, the system shot me down everytime, not even pure true logic can be shared when the system controls the sims.

Paul Anderegg
Solving the love puzzle for the benefit of all mankind, or possibly a 12 year old hacker running this game :)

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