Install Visual Studio 2010 RC and report bugs ASAP – it might be not too late to fix!

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visual_studio[1] Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate is available for download (all three editions - Pro, Premium and Ultimate) and I ask you to install it, give a try and more importantly - try your real projects on it. Why bother? Because you can help to make it the best Visual Studio version ever. 10 might become new 6, but these small nasty beasties like this one can spoil everything. It is not too late to fix crashes and other severe bugs we might have missed. The bug bar is very high now, but crashes in common scenarios and data loss issues still can be fixed by RTM, we just need to know about them ASAP.

Here are some more download links:

1. Visual Studio 2010 SDK for RC

2. ReSharper 5.0 Beta 2 for VS2010 RC if you into it

3. CodeRush Beta for VS2010 RC if you can't live without it

Again: we desperately need your feedback. File bugs to or just post them here if you feel lazy.

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