On xml:base attribute in XIncludingReader again

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Gudge thinks it's better to expose synthetic xml:base attribute as first one in order to solve access-by-index problem. Sounds convincing. I actually didn't implement index-based access yet, but only access by navigational methods MoveToFirstAttribute()/MoveToNextAttribute()/MoveToAttribute(). Last one is obvious, and in first and second ones my logic was as follows - when core method call returns false, I treat it as there-is-no-more-attributes and switch the state machine to exposing synthetic xml:base attribute, so it's always latest one.

But I wasn't clear about my main concern in this topic - in fact xml:base attribute might not be synthetic if a top-level included element has already xml:base attribute. In this case according to XInclude spec its value should be replaced hence in GetAttribute(int index)/this[int index] method if index is existing xml:base attribute's index, another value should be returned, so the question is how to find out existing xml:base attribute's index without resorting to interim attribute collection.

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