New XSLT 2.0 Working Draft

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New XSLT 2.0 Working Draft has been published. Interesting changes since November 2002 version:

  • A new bunch of date/time formatting functions.
  • "It is now a static error for xsl:call-template to supply a parameter whose name does not match the name of any parameter declared in the called template.". Wow, that's incompatible change, XSLT 1.0 allows it.
  • All serialization questions are moved to the new "XSLT and XQuery Serialization" WD.
  • "It is now an error to reference the context item from a global variable definition, if no initial context node is supplied to the stylesheet."
  • New instruction, xsl:next-match, which allows to apply matching templates, but with lower precedence and/or priority.
  • A replacement for notorious disable-output-escaping feature - xsl:character-map instruction.
  • The xsl:value-of instruction and attribute value templates now output all values in the supplied sequence, unless backwards compatible behavior is enabled.
  • New system properties: xsl:product-name, xsl:product-version, xsl:is-schema-aware, xsl:supports-serialization and xsl:supports-backwards-compatibility.

Also 9 (yes, nine) other XPath/XQuery/XSLT related Working Drafts have been published, see

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