XInclude.NET 1.0alpha released

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I've released first alpha version of XInclude.NET library today. Once I got xml:base working and meekly passed through XInclude Conformance Test Suite with almost no fails I decided to release this stuff. There is still plenty room for optimizations and XPointer is still not supported, anyway I like "release early/often" motto. So enjoy and file bugs :).

Exposing a virtual xml:base attribute in XmlReader was really a showstopper. I solved it by introducing simple state machine and fiddling with it in MoveToNextAttribute(), ReadAttributeValue() and other attribute-related methods.

So, XPointer is now the agenda. I still believe it's possible to avoid using XmlDocument's or XPathDocument facilities, because that assumes loading the whole document into memory. element() schema and shorthand pointer both should be implementable in a forward-only manner, the only problem here is how to determine ID-typed attributes, which would require reading DTD or even schema. Hmmm, well, will see.

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