WordML rumors and hopes

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Everyone seems to be talking about WordML these days and it sounds really intriguing. Dare has posted a link to the Microsoft Word XML Content Development Kit Beta 2, which contains WordML XML schema.

Don Box is transforming WordML to RSS20+XHTML and says it's easier than transfroming HTML+CSS due to nonXML CSS format.

My interest though is quite opposite - to see if it's possible to transform another XML data to WordML or to put it into another way - how to implement XSLT users' ancient dream - to transform to a Word document.

WordML schema is well documented one - that's great news, well done guys. And as far as I can see it's not more complicated that XSL-FO format is, so it should be pretty doable. So I'll give it a shot some time next week, after XInclude.NET 1.0alpha release.

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