Little known Visual Studio facts

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Here are some amazing facts about Microsoft Visual Studio:

  • Visual Studio 2005 will have 2700 commands that come from Microsoft alone, 800 of them - shared ones
  • Visual Studio is well factored into 250 basic packages
  • Visual Studio is the base for 36 SKU's
  • Visual Studio 2003 shipped with 358 keyboard shortcuts
  • 410 commands shipped in Visual Studio 2003 have no names
  • Visual Studio client teams are using 11 different tree controls, 9 different wizard frameworks, 15 custom tooltip controls
  • Visual Studio and Office have a different application font than Windows
  • Visual Studio has nearly 6000 images
  • In Visual Studio 2005 2900 of these images will be upgraded from 16 color to 32bit color
[From "Visual Studio 2005 UI Guidelines", available with VSIP SDKs].

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Command in Visual Studio environment terms is a an action that gets executed by appropriate package when user clicks on a menu item, toolbar button, hits shortcut or runs command in Command Window.
Open file ("File.OpenFile", Ctrl+O) is one of commands. Shared means that Visual Basic and Visual C# packages shouldn't create own commands for opening a file, but use that shared one provided by Visual Studio Shell. Unfortunately that's not the case, e.g. there are numerous "Rename" commands.

And "from Microsoft alone" - because anybody can add commands extending Visual Studio.

I always knew it - they reinvent the wheel twice a week at Microsoft...
15 ToolTip-Controls?! I would understand, if they would use 2 different ones (one for normal Tooltips and an other for the Intellisense one with formatting and up/down Buttons)...
But I don't understand the first fact: what is meant by "commands" and that they are "shared" or "from Microsoft alone" - Menu Commands?

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