WordML to HTML story continues - now with Microsoft Word 2003 XML Viewer

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Microsoft has released another WordML to HTML transfromer - Word 2003 XML Viewer (thanks to Sal for pointing that). As I expected due to images issue it won't be single XSLT stylesheet such one as was released for Word 2003 Beta 2. This time it's complete viewer application, not just XSLT stylesheet you can use in your stuff. How it's implemented? It's kinda plugin for Internet Explorer, which transforms WordML to HTML using word2html.xsl stylesheet and handles images (wordml:// URL schema) somehow. It also substitutes standard context menu in Internet Explorer when vieweing WordML docs. Basically I like it, good stuff.

So whenever you want to browse a WordML document without Word 2003 installed you can just open it in Internet Explorer (provided Word 2003 XML Viewer is installed) an let it do the job. You can also include Word 2003 XML Viewer along with your document to let users install it. Sounds not bad, but not without some deficiencies. First of all your users must have viewer installed. Second - they must use IE, third - be on Windows platform. So the question is should I proceed with my WordML to HTML stylesheet or should it be abandoned? Basically my stylesheet produces pure HTML, thus placing no prerequisites on client side. But it's XSLT processor-dependent due to image processing (.NET version is only available yet, MSXML and Saxon versions were expected). Basically I believe it's still highly useful in custom WordML processing scenarios(e.g. for Word-based blog editors). I'd like to hear your comments though.

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Is there a tool or stylesheet that converts html to wordml. I have a rich textbox on webpage where users will paste word document text. I have to save the formatting. So i am saving as html in text field in database. I also have to generate letter on fly as word. So how do i convert this rich text formatted html back to word document so that users can view their text formatted as they pasted orginally.

sunitha, read it as just plain XML document.

i want to read a word document(resume) using Vc++.Does anybody have idea how to read document please sent to me

You're right, Tim. What I'm going to do is just to take the Viewer's stylesheet as a base one and to add another stylesheet, which imports it and augments with additional image handling functionality.

It seems to me that both your XSLT and the one used by the new Viewer plugin are modified versions of the original "beta" XSLT.

Since they are both trying to do the same thing, I think it would be a shame if the two stylesheets were to diverge. I need to be able to access the conversion functionality outside the browser but I would also like to keep up to date with any fixes or enhancements MS make to the stylesheeet.

If there was some way of minimising the differences and building the functionality in a modular fashion, this would give us the best of both worlds.

--- Tim

Ok, stay tuned then.

WordML to HTML is a far more usefull tool. One reason being that there are no need for client side installation. Please, keep going with you tool.

Definitely, I find your stylesheet much more useful than the viewer. What's XML/HTML without interoperability and cross-platform? Absolutely nothing...

I agree. Your stylesheet would be great for a content management system type of applications, as a foundation for the server-side import/parsing toolset.

Go for it! I agree that to a certain extent the MS plugin is really usefull but... the less proprietary extensions, the better. Doing things the XSLT way makes exposing word documents as part of a website much cleaner!

At least, in my opinion :-)


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