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Ok, once I volunteered to make Russian translation for RSS Bandit - my favorite RSS aggregator, so finally I had to do it. It took me couple of days of my vacation time and it wasn't easy. There are just no established Russian translations for RSS terms, even for basic ones such as "feed" and "syndication". RSS is still extremely new stuff for Russian Web community, and very very few sites provide RSS feeds. So I had to discuss terms in Russian-speaking XML community and to invent the rest :) I did it once I translated XPath spec into Russian and I hope it will be successful translation again.

I believe it's a good one. I really hope somebody will find it useful. AFAIK RSS Bandit is going to be the very first news aggregator with Russian UI. Here is how it looks like:

RSS Bandit Russian translation

So let's wait till next version of RSS Bandit is out. Needless to say: comments, suggestions, reports of typos and bad wordings - I appreciate all that stuff.

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It is done good and I see nothing to be changed.
Thank you.

You know, Sergey, you're right. I was badly looking for normal translation of "upload" term and somehow missed "". Much better. Thanks for your comments.

I think Dare or Torsten should change size of text labels in Find|Advanced Fields (russian tranlation is too long)
"Report a bug" and "Upload feeds..." translation is geeky ;-) may be " " " ..."?

Let's wait to hear what real mostly-Russian-reading users say. I'll make some promo for RSS Bandit in the RuNet.

Awesome. When I made Russian translation of dasBlog I made up some terms along the way, but yours sound much better.

Sounds good -- I am game. Just let me know when.

There is still plenty room for improvements, Dimitri. My translation is mostly verbatim hence too wordy. We could review it after beta is out.

Hurray to the pioneers of Russian-speaking UI news aggregators. If you're interested, I'd be happy to help out with the translation.

Yeah, I've sent it to Torsten. Just to be sure I'm gonna submit it as a patch too.

That's really cool. I haven't seen a submission of a patch that adds Russian support. Did you send the translation directly to Torsten?

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