40 years of mainframes

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/. reminds it's 40-years anniversary of IBM mainframes tomorrow. Read "IBM's Mainframe Dinosaur Turns 40" thread. Mainframes still host 70% of the world's data and applications (well, IBM says that, granted) and they feel good in modern PC world. "PCs were supposed to kill off the mainframe" he-he-he. Not so fast.

Almost all projects I involved at my day job are mainframes connected. Couple years ago we built DOM and XPath/XSLT engine for mainframes and the latest one we did was about exposing of mainframe applications as Web Services, that was an interesting one. And having Cobol apps to be Web Services enabled allows to not touch them and the mainframes for another 40 years! You know, "if it ain't broke...".

Btw, I'm on Passover vacation this week, so don't expect me to blog much.

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