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May be I missed something, but looks like Travis Bright is converting Apache Xerces XML parser to .NET. I wonder what for?

Aha, he's PM for the Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA). That explains. Btw, one day I stumbled across CSS parsing in .NET. Java version of the product I've been working on used W3C's Flute CSS parser and I didn't manage to find any .NET CSS parsers. So I just created J# project in Visual Studio, imported Flute's java sources, compiled them into dll with no any hitch and that's it - it just worked.

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Stephen Lacy, sorry, don't have that anymore.

Would you be able to send me a copy of that dll, the only one I could find was an unsigned version and I can't install vs2005

Niklas Gustavsson created a very good CSS parser for our SharpVectors project: http://www.sharpvectors.org/ . If you ever have the need for another CSS parser, you may want to check it out. Unfortunately, it isn't a separate download, but it is a separate VS project within SVG#.

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