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Well, of course the breaking news today are all about recently launched MSDN XML Developer Center. Should admit I've been checking http://msdn.com/xml several times a day last weeks :) At last it's up and it looks just great! Somebody said it's like blessing for XML. Kinda true. Of course the Dev Center has dedicated RSS feed - http://msdn.microsoft.com/xml/rss.xml - subscribe now. It's overwhelming to see a link to my blog in the front page too! WOW, now I should write only smart stuff.

Mark's article "What's New in System.Xml for Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 Release" looks brilliant. It's a big one and I didn't read it yet, but it should be familiar to me as I just finished reading his "First Look at ADO.NET and System Xml v 2.0" book. So more comments to come. Btw, that book will be "book-of-the-month" in the recently launched .NET book club.

Addition from Dare - XSD Inference API will be promoted into core System.Xml. Nice. Here we can see how proved to be useful tool make it to the core API.

Additions from Mark:

Many methods and properties on the XmlReader, XmlWriter and XPathNavigator abstract classes now have default implementations added making it easier to implement your custom versions over datastores.
Wow! At last! That was my top feature request.
XPathNodeIterator implements the IEnumerable interface.
Really nice one. It makes XPathNodeIterator more consistent.

Well done, sincere congratulations to Dare and to all involved, let's make XML Dev Center rock!

PS. Small web design comment - the front page looks bad in mozilla.

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