One more quick nxsltc update

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I updated nxsltc - XSLT compiler for .NET 3.5 tool one more time. I added /version:<x.x.x.x> and /keyfile:<file> options. Former is used to specify resulting DLL version and latter - to sign it with a strong name.

nxsltc.exe catalog2html.xslt /version: /keyfile:d:\keys\test.snk

The usage now looks like this:

D:\>nxsltc.exe /?
XSLT Compiler version 1.0beta2 for .NET 3.5
(c) 2007 Oleg Tkachenko,

Usage: nxsltc  [options]
where possible options include:
  /out:         Specifies the output file name
  /debug[+|-]   Emit debugging information
  /nowarn       Disable all warnings
  /namespace:   Specifies namespace for compiled stylesheets
  /version:     Specifies assembly version
  /keyfile:     Specifies strong name key file
  /help         Display this usage message (Short form: /?)
  /nologo       Do not display compiler copyright banner

I also put together some documentation point at

Get nxsltc v1.0beta2 here.

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I know this may not be the correct place to ask a question but I am stuck and need to resolve an issue that is hard for me and only you can resolve. It is an XML question which may be very simple for you but it's difficult for me as I don't know much about XML. I am working in InfoPath. I have a node that has two descendants (I am not sure if they are descendants or children). I dont know know how to reach the second descendant which is a text box, the first being a checkbox. Kindly see the following code:

XPathNodeIterator nodes = DOM.Select("/my:myFields/my:Options/my:Option",this.NamespaceManager);
XPathNavigator nodesNavigator = nodes.Current;

XPathNodeIterator nodesText = nodesNavigator.SelectDescendants(XPathNodeType.Text, false);

while (nodesText.MoveNext())
if (nodesText.Current.NodeType == XPathNodeType.Text)


This code sets the value of the first descendant but I want to set the value of the second descendant. How can I do that?

xPAth for 1st descendant: /my:myFields/my:Options/my:Option/my:Selected

xPath for 2nd descendant: /my:myFields/my:Options/my:Option/my:Text

Please help!



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