XInclude Tough Destiny

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Dare writes:

We were planning to add support for xml:base to the core XML parser as part of implementing XInclude but given that that it recently went from being a W3C candidate recommendation to going back to being a W3C working draft (partly due to a number of the architectural issues raised by Murata Makoto) the future of the spec is currently uncertain so we've backed off on our implementation.

Yeah, XInclude makes its tangled way to the Recommendation status really slowly. It's been CR for a long time and even there were some slips about PR, but then it's been backed off to WD soapbox again. These days XInclude is ready to climb up again. Many architectural issues have been fixed, syntax and semantics have been modified with respect to the Web architecture, there are enough full implementations for all major platforms (.NET, Java, C). And here is what Jonathan Marsh writes today in maillist:

We believe this is resolution completes our resolution of outstanding issues on XInclude, and we plan to release a new CR draft soon.

By the way, I wrote an article about XInclude and XInclude.NET and hope it'll be published soon.

Meantime some of you guys sent me logos for the XInclude.NET logo contest. Thanks! I'm going to arrange a page with a poll to see public opinions.

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