Streaming XInlcude gets blessing

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At last some good news. Streaming subset of XInclude I was talking about gets blessing from the W3C XML Core WG. Here is what Jonathan Marsh (MSFT, editor of XInclude) writes:

It appears to be impossible to improve streamability without removing functionality from XInclude. The WG decided instead to bless a kind of "streamable subset" by adding text along these lines:

The abscense of a value for the href attribute, either by the appearance of href="" or by the absence of the href attribute, represents a case which may be incompatible with certain implementation strategies. For instance, an XInclude processor might not have a textual representation of the source infoset to include as parse="text", or it may be unable to access another part of the document using parse="xml" and an xpointer because of streamability concerns. An implementation may choose to treat any or all absences of a value for the href attribute as resource errors. Implementors should document the conditions under which such resource errors occur.

New version of XInclude spec is going to be published soon. As they are slightly changing syntax again (removing accept-charset attribute), I think it will be Working Draft again.

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