Preparing to move

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This site was down yesterday for who-knows-how-much hours because some troubles with Apache httpd of my hoster. What's the most annoying I didn't managed to get in touch any customer service. Plain silence. I'm keep getting randomly scary and mysterious "Quota exceeded while writing "/var/spool/mail/oleg"" messages, mysterious because I've got plenty free space, again no any help from support. Well, I'm preparing to move. Probably to as your guys recommended. I only wonder if it's feasible to install dasBlog engine on hosted site?

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Speaking of .Text, seems like w.bloggar doesn't support it fully :( Just tried yesterday and failed to post a single message with all .Text specific flags (Display on HomePage, Syndicate on Main Feed, Include in Aggregated Site). That's bad.

If not dasBlog, you will have no problem installing .Text.

Thanks Torsten! That's what I wanted to hear.
Sorry, but I owe the referral to Jeff, as the first person who recommended me this hosting -

Webhost4life ( is really cool, easy to setup, account ready within a day, dasBlog running in a half hour. Most time I needed to migrate the entries and comments from my old blog engine. If you need more infos or assistance, feel free to contact me.