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Well, I'm getting tired of my current hosting. I'm ready for change, can anybody recommend unexpensive ASP.NET hosting, 100Mb/2Gb?

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One thing i concern about is they provide unlimited bandwidth.

Another site that i know have dotnetnuke is take a look

Take a look at web hosting. They are better than webhost4life and they install ASP.NET forums, DotNetNuke etc. for free.

Sure. I need some time to backup all the stuff though and stop current hosting. It appears to be not so simple.


If you're going to sign up, use Jeff's referral field so he gets credit for it.

Thanks guys. That's really looks tempting, what I like the most is Unlimited Domain Hosting feature. Probably the way to go.

I'm using It rocks at the incredible price of $10.

+1 for is great

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