[Agitprop rant] On the Geneva Draft

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Well, in fact I want my blog to be free of agitprop, I really got fed up enough with that stuff being born and grown up in the USSR. But today I feel tired after jogging on the beach and then shopping with my wife too much time so forgive me this one.
Note: if you happily have no idea what Geneva Draft is - just skip this rant out.

Tim Bray has ranted about Geneva Draft and even published it on his site. Seems like he likes it so much it makes him just blind. I know, Tim has been living in Lebanon some time and the permanent Middle East Crisis makes his heart bleeding, but this is just ridiculous if not rude:

Murderous Warmongering Scum This document has been denounced by the current government of Israel (no surprise there) and the Swiss Government has received complaints from the World Jewish Congress for sponsoring it (astounding). The title of this section expresses my feelings for anyone who stands in the way of the hope of peace.
Oh boy, how familiar that smells, just like from an editorial of some soviet newspaper in the middle of the 1970s. I mean, really, as a matter of fun, "israeli warmongers" was the most typical slogan in the soviet agitprop since Israel won the War of Independence. It's funny Tim is using this slogan too, but it's sad in the same time, because as per his words the current government of Israel and probably all Israelis voted for them (70% by the way, /me included) are just murderous warmongering scums.
Well, may be I'm murderous warmonger too, but I has just thrown my copy of the Geneva Draft to the trash once I got it because as per my understanding it is a trash.
Beside that I believe the national losers (authors of the Geneva Draft lose couple of the last elections) don't have any legitimate rights to carry on any state-level negotiations, I just don't believe in peace with terrorists, sorry Tim, just like many didn't believe in peace with Hitler. "Land-for-hope-for-piece" deal doesn't work, the WWII and the last "intifada" proved that perfectly. Terrorists must be stopped, otherwise one day you will see a suicide bomber parking his heavy loaded car near your office.
An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.
That was said by Sir Winston Churchill.

Update: Don't get me wrong, I'm not a radical, I'm (and vast majority of Israelis) against "Let's give up everything just for hope for peace" approach, which the Geneva Draft represents. The road map plan is a way more realistical - first stop terrorism, destroy Hamas and friends and then get the state, but not vice versa.

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