Magnetic power of Mono

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In related news - yesterday I've been given Mono CSV commit access, thanks to Ben and Miguel. Seems like I'm the first Oleg amongst Mono guys, so my account is just "oleg".
Now I desperately need one more hour in a day, it's a pity the Earth is so close to the Sun, 24 hours is really not enough for us!

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Well, may be to make it a bit colder is not a bad idea, especially for me as being in the middle of Middle-East summer :)
Slow down the rotation... Hmmm, may be that IS the mission of the 2014 asteroid? Wow, the God is reading my blog! I have to be more careful in my rhetorical exclamations :)

Agreed, 24 hours are not nearly enough! But moving farther from the sun won't make the days longer, rather we'll have more days per year and much much colder!

We can stay right where we are, but we ned to just slow down the rotation a bit to gain more hours per day.

Just my two shekels!


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