On MultiXmlTextWriter, the article and plans

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According to GotDotNet download statistics my MultiXmlTextWriter class has been downloaded 398 times, while last version of nxslt utility, which includes it to support multioutput XSLT - only 91. Hmm, looks like people prefer a component to build own solutions rather than old-fashioned versatile command line tool (not really prominent observation, huh?).

My article about getting multple outputs in XSLT under .NET I was talking about probably will be published in June. That's my first authoring experience. Day-to-daily I write code documentation and specifications , but never an article, so I'm kinda worrying about it.

It's Passover holiday week in Israel now so I have the whole week free to be devoted to interesting things (well, almost free, I have also to study BizTalk until the end of the month) . So let's get back to Xinclude.NET project.

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