More XSLT intellisense for VS.NET

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Rambling in the blog space, found Alexis Smirnov's blog and there a link to quite interesting article named "Xslt Transformations and Xslt Intellesense within the .NET IDE" by Doug Doedens. It's about how to make XSLT authoring easier and more convenient in Visual Studio.NET.

That sounds similar to what I've been thinking about last few days - to implement for VS.NET all that XSLT-related authoring features I used to in XML Spy. Apart from adding XSLT schema to allow IntelleSense drop down hints, which is trivial as described in this article, I plan (but when?) to build VS.NET addin to allow one-click/one-key transformations with support for xml-stylesheet processing instruction. I've got some prototype already, hope it'll grow to something useful.

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