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Ok, I'm back. I have updated eXml Web Server Control, which uses XslCompiledTransform, supports 70+ EXSLT functions, XInclude, friendly XML rendering, <?xml-stylesheet?>, embedded stylesheets etc.

Martin Szugat found some bugs and kindly provided patches, thanks Martin! Additionally I implemented one small but useful feature users kept asking for - cache dependencies for imported/included stylesheets. That's when you have included or imported stylesheet and modify it - now eXml control notices it and recompiles XSLT on the next request. Go get eXml Web server control v1.1.

Now I think about eXmlDataSource control... Free asp:XmlDataSource analog running XslCompiledTransform, supporting EXSLT, XInclude, <?xml-stylesheet?> and embedded stylesheets - it sounds useful, isn't it?

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Hmmm, Mvp.Xml indeed refers to System.Configuration.Install dll, but not older one but that coming with .NET 2.0 RTM.
I'd like to check the problem - how do I register the Mvp.Xml assembly to the SQL Server 2005 CLR? Can I do it with Express edition?

Hi Oleg,

Nice work. One question though about Mvp.Xml project. Is it possible to register the Mvp.Xml assembly to the SQL Server 2005 CLR. I tried it but failed as I suppose the project is refering to an older System.Configuration dll.

Please let me know if it is possible.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Oleg,

This is great! Question: I would like to create something similar to this for Saxon on .NET (which as you probably know by now is now a fully developed and supported product of Saxonica.) Would it make more sense to attempt to add support to eXml for Saxon on .NET, providing an attribute that could be used to specify Saxon instead of System.Xml.Xsl or the EXSLT assembly?

If not, no worries... I just want to make sure that if its simple enough to do, and wouldn't cause more confusion that benefit gained, then I present the idea to you before proceeding with creating a separate control that is specific to Saxon. I'll be happy to write and contribute the code necessary to make all this work, so its really just a matter of whether or not you feel it makes sense.

Thanks in advance!

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