"Working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005" book

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This is a book called "Working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005" by Marc Young, Brian Johnson and Craig Skibo, which is an update of their "Inside Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003" book. Really great book explaining Visual Studio 2005 internals and ways to extend it. But you can't buy it. Weird huh? Instead you can download it as a benefit when registering your copy of Visual Studio 2005. Go to Help/Register Product menu item and once you done you should get an email with links how to download the book (along with bunch of other cool stuff like free icon collection) from the Visual Studio Benefit Portal.

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I have downloaded the above book. It is having an .izp extension. how do I unzip it?

Product Details
Author(s): Craig Skibo,Marc Young,Brian Johnson
ISBN: 0735623155
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Year: 2006
Pages: 280Product Description


file:2006_0911_wrz_mic-pre.wor.wit.mic.vis.stu.200.apr.200.ebo.bbl.izp [7253] KB


hi can u guide me by yr books
i need them and i think they will be useful to me

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