wbloggar site hacked?

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I'm setting up new notebook (HP Pavilion ze2070ea - really really nice one) and just realized I can't download one of the most important piece of software I just can't live without - w.bloggar, blogging client, because its site seems to be hacked and defaced out. When you go to the site (even google cache of it) you see empty page and view source reveals just some stupid cewl hacker comment I won't cite. What a shame to deface a site offering cool free software!

Anyway, does anybody know where can I get w.bloggar installation please? I'm writing this using MovableType web admin and it sucks.

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The site is up now. Partially, but anyway.

Wow, indeed what if that wb400.exe is patched and sends out passwords to the evil side??? Need to verify MD5.

Anyone know when the site is expected back up?

Also, can anyone post an MD5 hash of the binary from before the site was cracked?

Thanks, Matt

Thanks guys, (esp. Maciej), I ran into the same probs, but a google search turned up your page...

Thanks, Matt, I'll try it out.

Hey Oleg,

I have a copy of the installable. Let me know if you still need it and I will provide you a download link.

Cheers :)


Until w.bloggar comes available again, you could always use my (also free) utility called MovablePoster.

Its available at: http://www.mattberther.com/2003/12/000350.html

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