Generating Word documents using Java

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Dino Chiesa of Microsoft shows how to generate dynamically WordML documents using Java and XSLT. Yep, that's not a typo, Microsoft, WordML and Java. XML serves as peacemaker again. And he even provides a working JSP demo. Cool.

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i want to open word document in java , i want the solution regarding this, if any body is having code plz give me, i need it, its very urgent..........

Hi All,
I need to merge word documents into single file using any Java API. any sample code would help.

Better U Can Use POI.this is a pure java solution for reading and writing word and excel.u can download poi from apache website

hey, i want to generate a Word doc using Java, containing TExt, Tables, Figures. Can u help me out with this. Its Urgent. Any sample code would help.

Contact me at:

will be grateful.


i want to generate a print priview document pls help me

I try to open word documet in java please give me solution

Guys, ask Dino Chiesa, not me!

can you please give me the link and source code for generating Word document using Java. Its Urgent.

I try to open word documet in java please give me solution

So i'm interesting in receiving your working JSP demo

i'm interesting in merging datas(txt file) with word document, in java, from tomcat server. I read you how to but i hava a problem modifying text into a word document using hwpf.
if you can explain me how to do to easily merge.
thanx for help

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