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Some XML news in no any order:

  • Irwin Dolobowsky says we should expect very interesting articles at MSDN XML Dev Center, especially I'm looking forward to this one - "Helena Kupkova will show us how to create bookmarks in XML Streams with the ResetableXmlReader." Hmmm, sweet. AFAIR we've been discussing it with my fellows XML MVPs, but concluded we need to rewrite XmlTextReader substantially to achieve it.
  • Microsoft XML Team has a team blog now - subscribe here.
  • Mike Champion nicely wraps up a discussion on the recent changes in thinking on the the next generation of Microsoft XML-related products. Convincing enough. What I still dislike is the lack of a consistency. A subset of XQuery (which is considered as stable enough) is still going to be supported in SQL Server 2005, but not in .NET. Weird, but you know, admit it - SQL Server team just can afford it.

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