Understanding XSLT project starts on Monday

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m.david starts his new project on Monday - sort of community XSLT learning using wonderful "Beginning XSLT" book by Jeni Tennison

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in this effort to become better XSLT programmers. While I intend to do all I can to keep things moving forward throughout the course of this "adventure" there is no set schedule. I plan to submit two to three posts a day to act as food and fodder but by no means will these be the required focus. By utilizing the blog format it allows those who are not ready to move on the ability to stay where they're at, asking questions via comments and relying on answers from the community to help in better understanding that particular area of XSLT. This format also allows those who are ready to move ahead the ability to do so without feeling the need to wait for others to catch up. In many ways this will allow a relaxed, self-paced environment for you to jump in at any point and begin to better your XSLT programming skills. This also allows for those only interested to better their skills in certain aspects of the language the ability to jump in and out as they please. In the end we will hopefully have created a nice reference for others to come along and utilize as well as ourselves to reference as needs be.
I wish I learn XSLT this way! I was climbing hard - reading XSLT/XPath specs first and then struggling with crappy Lotus XSL engine and only then I saw the light - Mike Kay's XSLT Bible. If you want to learn XSLT easy - join UnderstandingXSLT.com's "adventure", it's also free anyway. I'll be there and I'm sure Dimitre Novatchev will be there, right Dimitre?

It's worth to mention also that SyncRO Soft Ltd, the maker of the <oXygen/> XML Editor offers 15% discount on their products for UnderstandingXSLT community members. More details here.

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