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I arrived at work and found 200+ new posts in xml-dev list. Lovely. XML is still extra hot topic. Here are some nice quotes:

For my money, XQuery is a heroic effort by a bunch of incredibly smart people which is crippled - we don't know how seriously - by its insistence on cohabiting with XSD.
Tim Bray
XSLT has an <xsl:copy> construct that does a shallow copy of an element node together with all its namespaces (yes, you're right, I wouldn't expect anyone to guess its specification by looking at the element name, any more than I would expect anyone to guess what a left outer join operator does). XQuery has no equivalent. My XQuery example used a computed element constructor, which is the equivalent of <xsl:element> in XSLT: this isn't copying any namespaces from the source document.

As another parallel thread notes, namespaces are responsible for a ridiculous amount of the complexity in both these languages and the people who invented them should be .... Any suggestions for a suitable punishment?
Michael Kay

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Yeah, I tried not to repeat!

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