GotDotNet woes

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So I'm in a critic mood today... I recently found out that XInclude.NET workspace is down for at least a month. Not surprisingly the feedback on the "Combining XML Documents with XInclude" article was so low - all the article links to XInclude.NET: homepage, message board and bug tracker are dead. Moreover and what's worse I can't get access to the XInclude.NET source code for at least a week! Holy cow! Looks like I was too optimistic about GotDotNet Workspaces.

Needless to say I decided to move XInclude.NET project out of there. It needs more reliable home, sorry. It's official now - XInclude.NET will be incorporated into Mvp-Xml project at SourceForge. It's a real pain to move stable project, but I have no choice.

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Hmmm, really. We can make it for the next release.

I guess that moves EXSLT.NET should move as well.

We moved our Plumbwork Orange GDN workspace to SF recently ... nuff said.

all GDN workspaces RSS feeds are down
for a while now

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