ASP.NET XML syntax?

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XAML, Windows Forms Markup Language (WFML), Report Definition Language (RDL), Relational Schema Definition (RSD) and Mapping Schema Definition (MSD). You get the idea what the trend is nowadays. It's all XML. What I'm wondering though - why still there is no alternative ASP.NET XML-based syntax? How long ASP.NET will stay as "almost XML"? Wouldn't it be nice an convenient? After all Java has XML-based JSP syntax since 2001.

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Gah! Now I'm double-posting. What's next, Viagra spamming? :)

I am not as concerned about ASP.NET declarative syntax being XML-compliant -- albeit that would definitely offer some nice possibilities. I am more worried about the direction in which the development of ASP.NET progresses, with all that HTML code is being trapped in the controls. I would much rather see a cleaner separation between content and context, utilizing XML and XSLT.

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