Streaming XInclude and Intra-document References

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It's definitely love-to-steaming-strikes-back day today. Here is another sample of how streaming XML processing approach fails.

The only XInlcude feature still not implemented in XInlcude.NET project is intra-document references. And basically I have no idea how to implement it in .NET pull environment (as well as Elliotte Rusty Harold has no idea how to implement it in his SAX-based implementation). What's the problem?

XInclude allows the following constructs:

   <element id="bar"/>
   <xi:include xpointer="bar"/>
After XInclude processinig above XML should resolve to
   <element id="bar"/>
   <element id="bar"/>
This is called intra-document reference. <xi:include> instruction having no href attribute refers to the same document currently processed. That opens Pandora's box of implications that basically prevents streaming XInclude processing altogether, as one obviously can't arbitrary navigate over XML stream, neither with XmlReader nor with SAX. "bar" as XPointer is a shorthand pointer, pointing to the element with "bar" ID. (Btw, XInclude processing is recursive so the same way it may point to another <xi:include> element in the same document, causing double processing of the same <xi:include> instruction).

As the core class of XInclude.NET - XIncludingReader is just an XmlReader, how on earth I can get backward in forward-only XmlReader??? Seems like to implement this feature I have to cache source XML document as a whole. Too bad.

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Still reading :)
So basically what do you say is to build lightweight graph representing of XML and read it?


>how on earth I can get backward in forward-only XmlReader

Sorry if this is a crazy idea.

Recently I did some work on graphs, including cyclic and multi- graphs.

It is possible to "go backwards" in a forward-only graph-reader!

Therefore, if we want such kind of processing one way to do this is to map a tree onto an acyclic graph and then traverse this graph.

In case you're still reading and start to wonder how to prevent an endless loop traversing a cyclic graph, just let me know... :o)

Dimitre Novatchev [XML MVP],
FXSL developer, XML Insider, -- the home of FXSL

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